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What kind of materials last?

What kind of materials last?

Home with large granite rockscape

Mountainside Landscaping

What kind of materials do you need so that your landscaping project will last?

We build  and design many types and sizes of retaining walls. We have experience with their underlying design and the necessary elements that go into a sound structure that will last a very long time. We make sure we use the highest quality of rocks when we lay them down for the foundation of a retaining wall.

We mainly use salt and pepper granite for our walls just like the granite used in some other famous structures in Salt Lake City like the LDS temple.This is because the granite can withstand the freeze frost cycle that is common along the Wasatch front. Other types of rock can crack and shift in this harsh and relentless cycle.

If you have used other materials or types of rock in your current retaining wall and are seeing it begin to shift or move, please call us at the number above and we will help you rework it with the proper materials so that it will correct the movement and last many years.

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