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Vanishing Edge Swimming pool

Vanishing Edge Swimming Pool

Vanishing Edge Swimming Pool

Once you have decided to create a space in your backyard that will beautify and enhance your home, you may want to take the next step and create a pool that will reflect the same design and feel to create a complete landscape transformation. This is exactly what this home owner did in this great video about vanishing edge swimming pools by Landscape Network.

At StillWater SMC we have specialized training and experience from the Genesis 3 Design Group to create vanishing edge or infinity edge swimming pools. Not only do we focus on amazing engineering, but we also want the look and feel of your landscaping to compliment and beautify your backyard. We take the time to design and build a structure that has the highest quality standards in the pool industry. We are unmatched in our field here in Utah. When you want to build a pool with esthetics in mind you can know that we know that the art and design of a pool is as important as the engineering.

We love your questions. Feel free to contact us to know more about how you can build a vanishing edge pool and bring an oasis to your backyard.


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