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3 Retaining Wall Tips

Learn what is important in retaining wall design.


When you are planning with your retaining wall designer the layout and construction of your wall be sure to discuss these three elements of a well-engineered retaining wall.

  1. Drainage- are you installing proper drainage to allow for the water to flow away from the wall and not cause it to build up in the back of the wall causing weeping or even a worse situation like cracks or failures.
  2. Materials The more subtle materials like geo-grid and the higher end block will give your retaining wall a nice elegant look as well as keep it well-engineered and lasting many years.
  3. Engineering we can’t emphasize enough that the most important feature of a retaining wall is the engineering behind and within it. Be sure that your design and construction firm has a very good handle on what it takes to properly engineer a lasting and beautiful retaining wall. It pays to be picky. Choose a firm that has a strong emphasis in design and engineering. No one wants to have to redo their retaining wall in a couple of years when a structural failure happens that could have been prevented from the beginning.

We are committed at SMC Construction Services to give you the highest quality and best engineered wall. We are retaining wall experts and have had years of experience with large, complex retaining walls in the residential and commercial sectors. Call or contact us today and we will build you a wall that lasts and looks gorgeous for your next project.

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